Have you ever had a blog you love, where the blogger suddenly gets some uninteresting and totally encompassing obsession? Like the best way to crush egg shells? And do you, dear reader, sit in your chair wondering how to best say "I appreciate this is your space, but can you please talk about quilting and lipstick again?"* without seeming like some crazy blog fan?

The reason I'm bringing this up is because I adore you, I adore what we have going on, and I want to give you fair warning: I feel a pant-a-palooza coming on. I've always been a pant > skirt girl but have never, ever, found a pair that really fit. I'm a tall lass (5"10) with a size 8 waist and a size 12 ass, and if there was ever anything RTW that could fit me it was probably made in error. Despite the shitty weather (and therefore shitty photos) I am just so damn excited to share these pants with you, because goddamit they fit.

The stats
Pattern: Colette Clover 
Alterations: Full-butt adjustment, lengthen the leg 15cm, plus other, minor alterations. I also aded pin-tucks to the front of the leg.
Fabric: I've forgotten but it's stretchy, cottony, and was picked by the super sexy Sophie (hi!) when buying it.

* All the characters, incidents and places in this quilting & lipstick scenario are fictitious. Resemblance to any person living or dead or any incident or place is purely coincidental. But for realsies, I would read a blog about quilting & lipstick.


Friends, the world is ending. 

Hug your kids, eat that extra piece of pie, kiss your crush, make that ostentatious blouse, visit that fancy restaurant you've been oggling but avoiding because of money. I'll meet you at a big bonfire on the beach. BYO wine and cheese. 

How do I know the world is ending? Well it's the only explanation for me making a fitted skirt and not having to make one alteration to the pattern. 

Not. One. 

Obviously the world is ending or By Hand London is playing some kind of trick on me.  

Speaking of By Hand London, the women who run this new independent pattern company are absolute goddesses and you should buy this Charlotte skirt pattern. Making it was a breeze and now I'm buzzing to try the Elisalex dress (have you seen Oona's versions?!)

I followed their easy, informative sew-along including lining and hand-stitching, even blind stitching the hem (the world is ending exhibit B). I'm so glad I did because dammit if the world is ending, I am going out in style.