I've considered renaming this blog "Reana Louise talks about the weather," but to be honest that sounds boring. Maybe my weather talk is boring, but in trying to live sustainably I obsess about the season. You may know Brisbane's current situation 'oh-my-fucking-god-am-i-swimming-through-lava?' as its less descriptive name: 'a heat wave.'

Heat is fine. Heat is dandy. But there's something real awkward about being at the farmer's market and maintaining direct eye-contact with a lovely old chap who you're buying a fig off while you're really, very conscious of the fact you have beads of sweat hitting your knicker line. Does he know? Oh god, does he have beads of sweat reaching the top of his knickers? Do farmers have knickers? Should I break eye contact, or would that make it more awkward? How the hell can the back of my knee produce so much sweat?

All useless whinging aside (why do I let you guys see this side of me?!), the farmer's market (I usually go here) is the place to be for local, fresh, delicious food and ingredients. One my favourite post-market meals is smoked salmon pasta with zucchini and lemon salad. Fresh. Simple. Good with wine. Minimal preparation. Farmer's knickers not included.

Smoked salmon pasta with zucchini & lemon salad - Serves 2 

1 zucchini (use 2 if small)
Juice of half a lemon
Good quality olive oil (~1 tbs)
200g fresh fettuccine
170g piece smoked salmon
75g greek or natural yoghurt (2 heaped tbs)
20 capers
Herbs ripped into smaller pieces - If you already have herbs on the salmon, like I did, you won't need much. Any herb is fine, dill is particularly delicious with salmon! When ripping don't be precious, it's hot so we'll just say it's rustic ;) 
Salt & Pepper

How to
1. Cut off the hard bit on the top of the zucchini, where it joins to the plant
2. Using a peeler, cut your zucchini long ways into long, thin ribbons
3. Put zucchini ribbons into a bowl. Mix through lemon juice and olive oil. Leave aside until pasta is ready
4. Now for the pasta! Cook pasta as per the instructions
5. Using the back of a fork, roughly 'smoosh' your smoked salmon

6. Mix your smooshed salmon with ripped herbs, yoghurt, and capers
7. Serve on top of cooked pasta. Season with salt and pepper


  1. Yum. I'm going to try this. No, you are not the only person to wonder how much sweat the back of your knees can produce .. Val in Sydney

  2. Nom nom nom nom nom! Looks capers on anything ;o) As for sweating, I feel your pain! Although it's cold here in the UK (no surprise eh), when the temperature does rise I sweat from places I didn't even know had pores! So erm, yeah...just though you might like to know that ;o)


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