This morning started with three ladies, iced-lattes, and the uncomfortable heat that comes with a side order of haze and thick sweat. We needed to debrief saturday's spectacular engagement party now that our cheese and champagne come downs had finally melted away.

I also needed to rock my new silk dress, and pull that smug-bitch face I was promising you.

This smug bitch wants to send past me a thank you note for using natural, breathable fabrics because, my god, brisbane is sticky today.

The yellow brick is a silk-cotton mix by Karen Walker that the beautiful girls I refer to as the Bangers (yes, that is a true blood reference) bought for my birthday. The lining is silk and the yoke is linen and japanese cotton. 

The pattern is from Yoshiko Tsukion's Stylish Dress Book (picture below)

I adore it. It's perfect. I'm smug and proud and comfortable in this beautiful silk dress that can be worn as a moo-moo. 

Bring on the party season. 

And just because I can't leave you without some garden pictures:

ps. thank you to the newly engaged Harriet for taking these photos for me!